Colon Cleanse Diet

A colon cleanse diet is a diet intended to clean out and keep clean your colon, as well as the rest of your body and systems.

The first requirement of this diet is large amounts of water every single day. Water is essential for good colon productivity and action, so drinking plenty of it each day will keep your colon healthy, and your bowel movements on a regular schedule like nature intended. This means a massive increase in water intake for many people, and for the first few days you may feel like you are sloshing because of all the water, but you will soon find that you feel better and have more energy because your body has enough water for the first time.

A colon cleanse diet also means cutting out processed foods and replacing these with unprocessed foods which are healthier. Processing and cooking take out almost all of the fiber, and most of the nutrients as well, so by the time you get the food it has very little nutrition left in it. Use honey instead of white processed sugar, and raw wheat flour or home ground flour instead of highly processed white flour. Eat fresh fruits instead of the canned variety, and the same goes for vegetables. Whole grains which have not been processed are great for this diet as well. Many health food and organic stores will carry almost anything you want and need to replace processed foods, and many grocery stores are also starting to be competitive in this market.

A colon cleanse diet is a great way to cleanse your colon and give your health a kick start. Exercise is critical, along with the diet, because regular exercise is needed for the colon to function correctly. Our ancestors used to walk miles every day, and today most of us don't walk a mile a month if we can help it. It is no wonder we need to exercise and diet to help clean out our colon, something most eastern countries do not have problems with, making it a condition of our unique diet and life style.